ARE YOU KIDDEN ME? | Los Angeles, California & Portland, Maine

About maybe five years ago I bought a disposable camera from where I worked at the time. It was cat themed. A cat graphic would show up on every photo. Why wouldn't I buy this? I snapped a few photos of my own cats with it thinking it would be hilarious to have a cat face show up on my cat's face. This camera survived two moves and a plane ride to Portland, Oregon and back. Then it collected dust for years along side some other disposables. For a reason unknown to me, at some point, I ripped the cardboard off of the camera. So when I found it earlier this year, it appeared that I had a Kodak disposable camera laying around. I had the great idea of bringing it to a wedding and with me on a recent trip to Maine, hoping to finish the roll. When I got the photos back, man, was I surprised. I laughed, I cried, I hated myself.

This post is dedicated to the best dirt cat in the world, Kidden, who can be seen in the last photo yelling at me.